“We the members of the Sandown Police Department want to thank you for your efforts in providing your expertise in the field of weaponry and taking your personal time to come in and speak to the Sandown Board of Selectmen on our behalf.”

-Joseph Gordon, Chief of Police Sandown, NH


“Great guy and talented instructor with real world experience. I highly recommend training with Derek if you get the opportunity!”

-Scott Jenkins, Armed Citizen Training LLC


“Derek is one of the best instructors I have had the honor to both work and train with. As one of my Lead Instructors at Proteus Maritime Operations, his real-world experience and dedication to firearms instruction left a lasting impression on our students. His passion and determination was contagious and only made me want to work hard. I highly recommend any course that Derek is putting on. My marksmanship and weapons handling have drastically improved since working with him. His skill set with various weapon systems, especially AR/M4 platforms is second to none. Take advantage of Battle Axe Tactical courses!”

-James Balelo, Proteus Maritime Operations


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