Basic Rifle Orientation

Course Description:
This entry level course is the core of our tactical rifle (AR platform or equivalent) series. Shooters will become familiar with ergonomics of the AR platform, as well as: safety, storage and maintenance considerations. Shooters will display safe shooting practices on the range and engage targets in a static, stress free, environment. This course is great for new shooters, or experienced shooters that wish to refresh their fundamentals with tactical rifle platforms. Shooters will be evaluated on their technique with one on one instructor time; focusing on honing basic shooting fundamentals.
8 Hours
There are no prerequisites for this entry level course.

Required equipment:
– 150 rounds of FACTORY AMMUNITION (no reloads)
– At least 4 AR compatible magazines
– AR platform rifle system
– Water bottle or equivalent hydration system
– Hat with brim
– Eye protection
– Ear protection
– Quality holster
– Sturdy belt (at least 1.5 inches thick)
– Magazine holder (adequate means of holding spare magazines)


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