Tactical Shotgun

Course Description:
Much like Tactical Pistol, this course will challenge each student’s skill utilizing long gun platforms. Students will learn to be aggressive as they shoot, move, and communicate.
8 hours
Pre requisites:
Students will be required to demonstrate their proficiency to BAT’s qualified instructors and pass BAT’s rifle qualification course with a minimum score of 70%.
Required Equipment:
– 250 rounds (shotgun) of FACTORY ammunition (NO RELOADS)
– Personal Rifle, or shotgun in good working order (weapons will be inspected for quality and safety before entering the shooting range)
– Hat with brim
– Eye protection
– Ear protection
– Quality tactical rifle sling
– Sturdy belt (at least 1.5 inches thick)
– Magazine holder (adequate means of holding spare magazines)
– Weather appropriate clothing (long pants and comfortable shoes/boots are required, no open toed shoes)
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