Close Action Response (CAR) Vehicle Considerations

Course Description:
BAT is proud to introduce Close Action Response (CAR) to its skilled alumni. CAR is an advanced level course designed to complement our defensive strategy courses. Students will not only learn about ballistics concerning vehicles, but will actually shoot from within confined spaces, through windshields, side panels, doors, and engine compartments. This is a hands-on course developed for realistic training for BAT alumni and advanced shooters only.
8 Hours
Students will be required to have successfully completed Battle Axe Tactical’s Defense series, OR be ready to demonstrate their proficiency to BAT’s qualified instructors. This course is designed for advanced shooters only.
Required Equipment:
250 rounds of FACTORY ammunition (NO RELOADS)
– Personal handgun, a modern pistol in good working order (weapons will be inspected for quality and safety before entering the shooting range)
– AT LEAST 3 magazines (recommend 4 or more)
– Hat with brim
– Eye protection
– Ear protection
– Quality holster
– Sturdy belt (at least 1.5 inches thick)
– Magazine holder (adequate means of holding spare magazines)
– Weather appropriate clothing (long pants and comfortable shoes/boots are required, no open toed shoes)

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